The story of a Dream come true.

UPPa was born from the great passion of Diletta, the designer, for Fashion Design and stylistic contaminations. From the Brand name to the first product design, all started with a dream Diletta had upon a night, when her little boy, holding her sketches, was stretching out his arms to her whispering “Mamma…UPPa!”.

First I dream my paintings, then I paint my dreams

Vincent Van Gogh

Two sisters, same passion.

Believe in your dreams, no matter how impossible they seem.

Walt Disney

Diletta, in charge of UPPa creative direction, with her sister Sabrina, specialized in PR and communication, decided to build up their own Brand out of this dream.

“We would like to share this project with as many people as possible, to convey what we feel by making people love our work and appreciate the values behind our creations.”

Everything we do springs out from an overwhelming passion and is the result of continuous challenges to improve our work.


I've always got a strong inclination for creativity and design. It's my passion for drawing that led me to attend a Fashion School in Milan. I'm in charge of creative direction and personally run the whole products development activity, since the very first second I draw their first sketches on a piece of paper till they come out from production processes. Then, I’m also the first who tries every single new product on


I've always got a strong passion for Human Sciences. Graduated in Communication, after university I worked for PR Agencies. I'm very pragmatic and determined and, litterally, it didn’t take a second to me to join the Project to run the commercial and communications stuff.


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