We spent months on UPPa first iconic product, a shoe Made in Italy, POP UPTo develop and realize this first iconic style we relied on the skilled hands of artisans in the Italian region of Marche, who worked in close collaboration with Italian laboratories at the forefront in the research for new weaving technologies. It’s been such an amazing experience teaming up with them to shape up and give life to this model of shoes, that is the symbol of our passion for hybrid and experimentation combined with the highest tradition of Italian craftsmanship, to grant top quality and a classic/elegant look blended with a pich of Pop vibrations

Our signature

Our“polsino”, in addition to be the stylistic icon standing out in appealing colours and recycled materials in most of UPPa creations, with its elasticity acts as a functional tool for a much easier fitting, to wear this model with the comfort of a slip-on while enjoying the elegance of a premium leather laced-up shoe.

End result is a shoe inspired by the retro appealing casual-sport lifestyle. An iconic model with an original and contemporary touch, where elegance and athleisure-wear are blend in a look  that will never go out of style.

The DNA of the POP UP

Quality raw materials

The leathers we use to make our products are all of Italian origin: soft semi-tumbled leather and Velor suede.

Comfort and Hygiene

Removable, shaped and breathable insole with Sanitized Certification. Fully lined in leather for all day comfort.


The elasticated "cuff" that wraps around the ankle is made from 100% recycled polyester and produced with state-of-the-art machinery.

Stitched sole

The fully stitched sole guarantees resistance and greater durability, especially in the most delicate bending points.

Made in Italy and the craftsmen

We never compromise on quality of our Creations. That’s why we rely only and totally on the wisest and skillful hands of Italian artisans to produce UPPa products.

Nothing is left to chance. From definition of the most suitable lasts, to selection of best and strictly made in Italy materials, down till the maniacal attention paid to select every single component, such as breathable and antibacterial insoles.

This way we can shorten the supply chain, reduce to the minimum both costs and wastes, while promoting the made in Italy, that’s proudly symbol of style and quality all around the world.


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