The second life

The history of our products always begins with TWICE UPON A TIME .
Your purchase is the beginning of a journey that leads to the "second time".

When you’ll decide to have kept and worn long enough an UPPa product, we would be delighted to take it back and give them a “second life”. You’ll have just to send us a message and put the product in the special box you received it with. We’ll take care of all the rest. We’ll pick it up at your address and recondition and pack it perfectly again. It will look as new, ready to be presented in a personalized gift box to friends hosted in Family Associations, who will be delighted and emotioned to get it as a nice and personalized present, given heartedly as a gift and not at all as a charity action.

The journey towards the second life

Collection and reconditioning of used items

Upon return, the product is meticulously checked and reconditioned. Thinking of our little friends, we will take special care of the integrity of the insole, as recommended by the pediatric associations.

Personalization and packaging

The refurbished product is placed in a new package with a personalized handwritten letter, to ensure that our friends experience the particular and personal emotion of receiving a nice gift.

Sending the gift

The gift package with the new shoes is delivered to our friend with his name on the outside label.

The gift

Our Responsible Attitude to Fashion makes us look for Families Associations that can introduce us to FRIENDS whom we can give our products, as personalized GIFTS, in their second life. Currently we’ve reached an agreement with FATA organization.

FATA Association was established in 1999. It hosts and supports kids and teenagers the Juvenile Court of Milan removes from original families because of abuse, violence and serious forms of distress, as well as minors sent by social services due to risk of margins and deviance.

FATA’s goal is to welcome minors in a suitable place like the fairy house that allows them to rediscover a serene family atmosphere and to meet the material, psychological and affective needs. This association will also try to help tir guests to understand, address and overcome the problems that have made it necessary to move away from their natural family.

The role of FATA is to accompany kids and teenagers from a situation of serious discomfort to a situation of care and protection.

Thanks to the collaboration with UPPA, Fata’s children and teenagers will receive clothing and shoes just dedicated to them, based on their taste, their size, their preferences, and packed in special boxes with their name on it… It will be a wonderful personalized gift that will allow them to feel unique and special.

Roberta Repossini


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