A truly original and timeless style...

In all UPPa products, grace and sober elegance is combined with flashes of pop vibrations to create a pleasant emotion. A blend of tradition and modernity that gives birth to refined items suitable for any occasion and moment of the day. It is a timeless style that never goes out of style and lights up the strong personality of those who adopt it.

...with a particularly responsible attitude!

While promoting a style with such a distinctive personality, we want to play our part to encourage a more sustainable approach to fashion wonderful world. That’s why we adopt a special attitude composed by many little things that, reducing wastes and lowering costs, are having such a great overall impact to environment.


Always faithful to our unique approach, we are driven only by our creativity, without being influenced by the hysterical rhythms imposed by seasonal catwalks and all the other schizophrenic dictates of Fashion Industry. Fashion, as UPPa conceives it, aims at lasting satisfaction and not at mere aesthetic whims.

Artisanal quality

We never compromise on quality. In combination with Italian craftsmen, we select Italian materials paying the utmost attention to quality and considering the effects that our choices may have on environment. Doing so, we sigificantly reduce long and expensive movements of men and materials and create items that last much longer.

Direct approach

We always want to maintain a direct approach to our customers to reduce costs and grant an excellent value for money for our Products. Each item goes directly from our Italian artisans to our clients. Even when our product is seen, touched, tried on and purchased in one of the prestigious Boutiques we have selected to ensure an authoritative word-of-mouth also on the street.

Genuine communication

For our Brand promotion, we focus exclusively on word-of-mouth. Our customers, if we deserve it, will be our “sounding board” on the Market. 


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